Hello Market #1st Show room

Yesterday Ethiopian first full-fledged # eCommerce platform (Helloomarket.com) has inaugurated its first Show Room, it was such a pleasure to see our visitors surprised by the diversity and the quality of the products “Made in Ethiopia”. On the 24th of December Helloomarket.com will, in partnership with EMS and DHL, go live worldwide. Be the firstContinue reading “Hello Market #1st Show room”

JCC Visit to the BelCash Group

H.E Ato Nigussu Tilahun, Commissioner of Jobs Creation Commission and his wonderful team, visited the BelCash family (BelCash Technology, HelloSolar, Besingularity, Amasis); it was a great day for all of us. Honoured to share the statement made by JCC ; “H.E Ato Nigussu Tilahun, Commissioner of Jobs Creation Commission, and his delegates visited Belcash Technologies.Continue reading “JCC Visit to the BelCash Group”

A crypto company’s journey to Data 3.0

Michael Li@li_mike_yue / 12:46 AM GMT+3•March 17, 2021 Michael Li Contributor Michael Li is VP of Data at Coinbase. Data is a gold mine for a company. If managed well, it provides the clarity and insights that lead to better decision-making at scale, in addition to an important tool to hold everyone accountable. However, most companies are stuck inContinue reading “A crypto company’s journey to Data 3.0”

Big Data in the Financial Services Industry – From data to insights

09 September 2019 1. Introduction Just as “Cloud”, “IoT” (Internet of Things), “Open Banking” and “Machine Learning”, “Big Data” is one of the most written buzzwords in the financial services industry today, but just like the other mentioned terms a clear definition is not so easy to provide.Especially as “Big Data” is often used as a synonymContinue reading “Big Data in the Financial Services Industry – From data to insights”

API Economy

Helix is one of the several genetic testing startups that popped up over the last few years that aim to bring easy-to-conduct at-home testings to consumers for heritage and medical knowledge. Beyond its direct-to-consumer offering, the startup is also partnering with other companies such as National Geographic and Mayo Clinic to provide its genome testing service as somethingContinue reading “API Economy”


The Superplatforms are Coming … And They Will Transform Financial Inclusion For decades experts have claimed that banks are dead or dying, but they have persisted. However, the entrance of new internet giants or “superplatforms” into financial services may finally spell doom for some traditional financial institutions. In the 1990s, some expected that large retailers,Continue reading “Superplatforms”