In the long-term create a unified platform where disciplined, standardized,  streamlined, integrated and fast to deliver ecosystems that everybody can be able to use with minimal effort.

Create a knowledge base of Computer science, Integrated Services using technology that spans not only the higher education but also primary levels of education with a snowball effect.


Upon completion, trainees will be Certified
  • HelloCash/OneCash API Trainers 
  • HelloCash/OneCash API Integrator’s 
  • HelloCash/OneCash API Advocates 
  • HelloCash/OneCash API Developers


BelAcademy Member  benefits

We offer educators and students computer science education resources to advance knowledge, skills development, innovation and diversity in digital money fields.

BelCash Academy membership is free and offers individual learners, educators, and educational institutions access to world-class technology, expertly developed learning materials and curriculum, training, and other resources.

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